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Meet the counsellors that make up the team at Revelation. They are a diverse set of therapists, each with their own background, specialties, and personalities. One of the most important components of successful therapy is to find a match with your counsellor. Please take a look at each therapist and consider what you are looking for. If you aren’t sure, feel free to contact us and we can help match you up with someone that might be a good fit.

Also keep in mind that each counsellor has a different schedule and there may be differences in terms of direct billing and insurance coverage. Again, if there is uncertainty, let us know. We are counsellors… we are really good at listening….


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An important piece to therapy is finding a specialist that you can connect with.  If the therapists listed above don’t quite feel like a fit, we can happily recommend some other therapists that might meet your needs.  They do not work with Buhr Psychological Services, but they do share our office space so you may come across them from time to time.  These are also therapists that we may consult with when we feel a little stuck.  (In other words, they are our own therapists!) Feel free to check out their websites or contact them for any information.


Hollie Trobak, MC, R Psych

Reach Psychological Services




Landon Hildebrand -Approach

Landon Hildebrand, MC, R Psych

Approach Psychological Services



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